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Student Council Constitution

In accordance with the Education Act 1998 the school will facilitate the establishment of a Student Council on an annual basis


The Student Council will be a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.




·        The Student Council shall consist of twelve (12) members.

·        Each form shall elect two (2) members to serve on the Council, one day pupil and one boarder.

·        Should any year group consist of only boarders or day pupils they may elect two members from that group.

·        The council shall nominate from its members officers as determined by its constitution.

·        The chairperson of the student council must be a member of a senior class i.e. Form 5 or Form 6

·        Member shall be elected for one-year terms.

·        A teacher(s) shall liase between the student council and management and shall have right of attendance at council meetings.





·        Elections shall take place annually on a date designated by the school management, however, not later than 30 September of that year.

·        Another member of their form must nominate candidates.

·        Each member of a form shall have a vote in elections for both boarder and day pupil representatives of that form

·        Election shall be by proportional representation and the school may appoint a teacher to act as returning officer for each election






Any pupil shall be eligible to stand for student council unless they have been suspended from school during the previous school year.


Removal from Council


Members may be removed from the school council during their term of office by

1.      The school management for serious breaches of school discipline or for non participation in the activities of the council or

2.      The members of the student council, with the consent of school management, for failure to participate in the activities of the council






When setting up a student council, it is vital that the council has a set of clear guidelines and rules compiled together. These aims and rules are usually called a constitution, and in this document, a student council can outline how they want their council to work.  The constitution can be as comprehensive or as compact as each individual school wants,


The constitution should consist of the following titles:


  • The first title for the constitution will be Fundamentals in which is outlined the general aims, the name and the ultimate goal of the student council. 


  • The second title will be Membership. Here it will be stated clearly who can be a member of the council i.e. juniors or seniors or all students. It will also be stated that there will be a liaison officer from the school staff, board of management.


  • Election Procedures will be explained to ensure that all students have an equal chance at being voted on to the council.



  • The fourth title, Structure, defines what positions are held within the student council and explains the duties each officer will have.  Questions like these below should be asked when deciding what goes into the Structure; Will there be an executive committee? Will there be a definite structure to meet with school authorities? Will the council communicate with external bodies i.e. other schools, other youth councils etc.?


  • The final section of the Constitution will be dedicated to looking at the Organisation of the council. Titles as listed below will be included;

1.      Finances

2.      Meeting Regularity of the entire council

3.      Resignations

4.      Meeting regularity of executive council

5.      Policy making



Section 27 of the Education Act, 1998

(1) A board shall establish and maintain procedures for the purposes of informing students in a school of the activities of the school.

(2) The procedures established and maintained under subsection (1) shall facilitate the involvement of the students in the operation of the school, having regard to the age and experience of the students, in association with their parents and teachers.

(3) Students of a post-primary school may establish a student council and, without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), a board of a post-primary school shall encourage the establishment by students of a student council and shall facilitate and give all reasonable assistance to –
(a) students who wish to establish a student council, and
(b) student councils when they have been established.

(4) A student council shall promote the interests of the school and the involvement of students in the affairs of the school, in co-operation with the board, parents and teachers.

(5) The rules for the establishment of a students council shall be drawn up by the board, in accordance with such guidelines as may be issued by the Minister from time to time, and such rules may provide for the election of members and the dissolution of a student council.

(6) A student council, following consultation with the board, may make rules governing its meetings and the business and conduct of its affairs.